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Reiki Hands on Healing – Energy Medicine

Reiki healing is an energetic healing process that brings back to balanced the electro-magnetic fields of our bodies. When these electromagnetic fields are affected by strong negative emotions they get distorted, out of balancem weaken producing depression, anxiety, anguish, mental and emotional imbalance and even physical symptoms..

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei and Ki. It means: “The universal Life Force Energy that flows through all loving things”.

The beauty of Reiki energetic healing is that works on anybody. The Reiki practitioners don’t even need to know what is the health condition. The Intelligent Energy goes wherever it needs to go and re-establish the energetic balance.

Reiki energy healing is a form of energy medicine that helps removing energetic blockages in our bodies and minds that are preventing us to be healthy, to mo e forward in life and to take important depictions in our lives. Many times this unconscious blockages are preventing us on getting what we need or what we want. On other occasions those energetic blockages do not allow us to be the person we need to be, the person we are meant to be or just simply the person we want to be.

The  elector-magnetic fields of our brains and hearts can be put out of balance by strong negative emotions, stress, emotional trauma, chronic negative emotions, chronic problems at work, bad eating habits, and other causes.

A Reiki healing session feels different for every one. What people experience on their bodies and minds is different. However these are the most commonly sheared experiences and feelings for the majority of people who have a Reiki session:

  • Deep relaxation of the body and mind
  • The feeling that the body doesn’t exist or that is all energy.
  • You are conscious of your self and your surroundings all the time.
  • On occasions people enter a deep energetic sate of relaxation, similar to a “conscious” sleep.
  • A calm and peaceful state of mind.
  • The body feels rested and rejuvenated like after taking a very good nap: energetic, rested, calm, light, fresh and vibrant.
  • A clear, fresh and rested mind, free of preoccupations and concerns
  •  A remarkable facial relaxation that takes a few years from you in just 30 to 60 minutes!
  • Your face after a Reiki session looks calm, more beautiful and relaxed. The changes on people’s faces before and after a Reiki session are noticeable and remarkable!
  • The Reiki practitioners feel energized, relaxed and rested too! Usually a Reiki practitioner experiments as much benefits as the person receiving the session.
  • Many people can feel the Reiki energy healing Los Angeles flowing through their bodies or on specific areas.

The following are specific testimonials from some of my clients.

  • I felt that when you placed your hands on my, the touch feeling melted with my body.
  • The heat of your Hans was very intense.
  • When you placed your hands on different parts of my body, I felt that the sensation on  both areas melted and joined into one place.
  • My body was very much engaged energetically; active yet relaxed.
  • When you lifted once hand and placed on another place, I still felt you hand was there.
  • At times I felt I was touched by three hands, because I could still feel the last energy touch of the place you lifted your hand.
  • I felt like my body was floating on water.
  • I opened my eyes to see where you and your hands were and you were not even placing your hands on my body. I felt the energy though as if your hands were on my body.
  • I felt the old unwanted things in my life leaving and the new ones entering!

Reiki treatments had been used to improve some health conditions and medical treatments. A list of them follows (not a complete one or exhaustive one)

  • Drugs and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Cancer support to improve life quality and lessen post operative depression, weakness and pain.
  • Eliminate organ transplant rejections.
  • Eliminate or diminish pain medications, stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Eliminate unwanted or unspoken believes and agreements
  • Emotional trauma
  • Heal a broken heart from any source of emotional traumas

Reiki healing los angeles is a form of hands on energy medicine that has been effectively used as a complementary treatment on conventional medicine. Reiki means “living energy” or “bio-energy” and is a Japanese energy healing technique that balances the energy fields on our chakras.

Reiki energy healing is also very effective as stand alone treatment for emotional traumas, stress, anxiety, anguish, broken heart, chronic negative emotional situations and more.

Reiki Healing Pain Management Los Angeles

Reiki Training Classes in Los Angeles


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